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The Mars Crowdsourcing Experiment

How it all begun

2011: With this first study we investigated crowdsourcing using a serious game concerning the annotation of semantically rich features of Mars. Photographic data is used transmitted from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recording the surface of Mars.

A computer game, called Cerberus 1, was developed allowing players to tag features of the Mars surface. The game investigated what the effects were of different help levels to support knowledge transfer and different levels of game features to provide the players with a stimulating game experience.

Results from this stuy nowadays still are the foundation of BlackShore's technology enabling the crowd to help solving problems in the world using satellite imagery.

Nice to know is that Cerberus 1 can still be played in two versions here:

Cerberus the game "the Mars crowdsourcing experiment"Cerberus e-learning "museum edition" for touchscreens

The Surface of MarsExample of HiRISE data nserted into Cerberus. Color Coverage of Candidate Landing Site in Holden Crater (ESP_020812_1530) Source: HiRISE Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Concept artwork, the Betty, for Cerberus 1, also used in Cerberus II. by Anton van Dort Visited location in the Utah desert, sulphate deposits located by the crowd. Northern part of traverse. Traverse expedition  generated by the crowd
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